Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the age and weight limits for passengers of the Kangaroo and Classic child carriers?
A: The recommended limits are 4 years old and 40lbs.

Q2: What is the minimum age for passengers of the Kangaroo and Classic child carriers?
A: We recommend the child to be able to support his or her own head with the added weight of a helmet, usually 1 year old. Please consult your pediatrician beforehand.

Q3: What is the maximum height for passengers of the Kangaroo and Classic child carriers?
A: This is also dependent upon the height of the adult piloting the bicycle, obviously the rider needs to see over and reach around the passenger. A good way to judge the height of the passenger is to sit them on a bench and have the adult sit directly behind them – if the adult can see over and reach around the child, you should be fine on the bike.

Q4: Will I have to alter my cycling position or pedal stroke when using the Kangaroo or Classic child carriers?
A: Yes, but the alteration is minimal. Your very valuable parcel is in an area that dictates this. It’s not a tremendous alteration of your cycling, but you will have to pedal with your knees slightly more apart than usual to avoid hitting the seat. For the short recreational trips you are taking with your child, this will be a very minor inconvenience in comparison to the quality time spent with them. If you are going for a long training ride you wouldn’t want to subject your child to that, so the seat is easily removed for those rides.

Q5: Will the Kangaroo or Classic child carrier fit my bike?
A: Our carriers will fit most bicycles – mountain, hybrid, cruiser, men’s or ladies. Ones that the carrier will not fit are road bikes with drop style handlebars (rider is too hunched over) and Downhill/Freeride bikes (DH forks have legs that go up almost to the handlebars and the WeeRide mounting bar will restrict steering).

Q6: What if I want to switch the Kangaroo or Classic carrier between two different bicycles?
A: No problem – the mounting bar is available separately. You can mount it to the other bike and switch the carrier at will.

Q7: What if my Kangaroo or Classic straps are too long or too short?
A: Children come in all shapes and sizes and we''ve done our best to offer a harness system sized for most kids. On the rare occasion that your harness is ill-fit for your child, please contact us and we''ll send along a suitable replacement harness.